My sincere thanks to everyone that has taken time out of their busy schedules to write a brief summary of their massage experience and allowing me to share this on my website.
Chris Wood
If you are looking for a highly skilled, knowledgeable, professional, look no further than Chris Wood at Clifton Massage.

From my first session I quickly became aware of Chris’s high level of skill, which is exemplary, e.g. knowledge of anatomy and the impact of the muscle structures on the body’s mobility and functioning.

When Chris works with me he explains the specific treatment process and always ensures I am in control. From the outset I have felt relaxed and have total trust in the treatment I am receiving.

I have experienced treatments from a range of practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, masseurs, however I never have experienced such excellent treatment which is resulting in ongoing positive outcomes.
Lesley Jones

"I've been a domiciliary foot-care practitioner for some 6 years. My work involves a lot of bending forwards putting strain on the upper back and arms. I have consequently suffered from severe pain and discomfort for almost 4 years now. There are lots of people out there offering "cures". You name it and I've tried it. But none of them really work.
I knew immediately I met Chris that he really understands the human body; he treats the body as a whole and not just the part that hurts. The treatment together with his advice has really helped. For example the pain in my hands and wrists has been completely alleviated.

We're still working on the other problems but each session seems to build steadily on what has already been achieved and I'm able to continue working when at one time I thought I would have to give up"
Sian Callen 

"I have to thank Chris for his amazing work, I'm really more relaxed than I have been in a long time. I've been in so much pain for years but particularly over the last few months.

Chris really takes the time to understand the emotional aspects and works through the muscles with this in mind.

The difference after a session has really changed my quality of life and frame of mind. It's more than just a massage, his knowledge of anatomy and complex layers of the muscle really make it feel like the treatment is tailored to you.

Thank you Chris for all the care and attention you put into providing a professional and the most quality service I've ever had. Worth every penny, I highly recommend a visit"
Claire Danthois

"I have been seeing Chris for some time now. I sought out his help as I have a back injury caused by osteoporosis and a resultant collapsed spine.
My back was becoming increasingly problematic with repeated muscle dysfunction which was stopping me from doing my work as a builder. Since seeing Chris the situation has improved and I feel more mobility in my back and more strength.
Chris is very knowledgeable and an excellent hands on massage therapist. I had had previous massage but only Chris seemed to be able to get to the deeper muscle tissue and get this flexible again.
I would certainly recommend Chris for injury massage.
He gives you a complete picture of what is going on without blinding you with knowledge, you get exercises to help your situation and he is very attentive to what you say. In addition I found him to be a really nice, positive bloke"
Mark Hewitson
"I've been to Clifton Massage for a few treatments and I must say that I have received the best remedial massage that I have ever experienced.
I suffer from Ankylosing spondylitisand back pain is a common symptom of this. I've tried many osteopaths and chiropractors over the years, but nothing comes close to the results that Chris Wood at Clifton Massage achieves.
His understanding of the muscular system is truly amazing. I particularly like the way that he explains which muscles he's working on and why. My experience of this treatment has not only been outstanding but the results have been long lasting. Highly recommended"
Tim Harcombe
"I had whiplash a few years ago and also had key hole surgery on my shoulder due to a recurring dislocation last year.
Prior to seeing Chris my movement range in my arm wasn't that great and I kept getting pains in and around my shoulder, my back kept locking up and my neck was quite sore.
I stumbled across the Clifton Massage site on the net, then seeing the qualifications and testimonials about Chris made me choose to go see him.
I'm glad I did because not one of the statements about him is false, if anything a couple maybe understatement! From day one I could feel the difference.
He started on my back and now 5 sessions later my back no longer locks up, my neck isn't as sore and best of all my shoulder doesn't feel so tight and can move freely.
I would recommend Chris to anyone, he has good techniques and with his history in sports he is very knowledgeable and is happy to give advice on workouts"
Junaid Ahmed
What can I say? "Chris is the ultimate professional. He took time establishing problems and general health and fitness through questioning and a survey, which made me feel at ease, that he really knew what he was doing.
I had tendinitis in the knee and had a build up of muscle tension in my calves and IT band from lots of running. He worked meticulously on these areas, applying enough pressure to know that he was really getting to grips with the problem, whilst the soft music made it a very relaxing experience.
I felt re-energised the next day and he also offered me lots of advice on exercises, stretches, and diet. I would certainly go back to Clifton Massage again!"
Clare Winchester

"Chris Wood has exceptional skills in deep tissue massage, together with an in-depth knowledge of how the body functions, which allows him to apply his time at every session to his client's exact needs. 
A good feeling of wellbeing always occurs after a visit to his treatment room
Phillip Bowry

“One of the most skilled massages I've ever had.

I have long standing entrenched problems with the muscles throughout my body and Chris has been able to begin to turn this around for me. I am very grateful/relieved as I'd been giving up that anything could help.

He's taught me about my muscles and given me exercises to help me maintain and develop the improvements at home”
Isla Macdonald

Chris Wood is very skilled deep tissue therapist who clearly knows what he is doing and is able to adapt his treatments to your needs. He can really help with chronic problems and is clearly very dedicated to his work. Chris has been ...MoreChris Wood is very skilled deep tissue therapist who clearly knows what he is doing and is able to adapt his treatments to your needs. He can really help with chronic problems and is clearly very dedicated to his work. Chris has been helping me with tension in my neck and shoulders and lower back due to bad posture and desk working and has given me some really great stretches so I can help myself. I highly recommend!
Bonnie Hewson

Best sports massage l've ever had and consequently been seeing Chris regularly for the past couple of years. He's sorted out several muscular issues. I've already recommended him to many friends and colleagues, who have also had great experiences.
Annie Backhouse


"I had spent many years searching for the 'right' massage and I am very pleased to say I finally found it when I went to see Chris at Clifton Massage.

My back was in a chronic state of tension when I first went to see Chris, no massages I had previously experienced had ever been deep enough for me to feel satisfied and relieve the tension and I had always been left feeling disappointed.

Chris skilfully diagnosed the problem and effectively worked on getting it back to normal through a relaxing deep tissue massage, the difference now is amazing and I am certainly no longer left feeling disappointed!

Chris is extremely professional and knowledgeable, taking the time to explain my problem and to give me advice on stretches and exercises to help outside of sessions. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone"
Hanna Davies

After suffering with lower back pain for over 8 years, I have finally found somebody who can help me.
I have previously attended physiotherapy, chiropractor and acupuncture all of which have either been a temporary fix or had very little effect.  I was in considerable pain with my back, the worst ever, when I found this website and gave it a go.
I can say that Chris has been my saviour. I am around 90% better after having several massages. Chris works deep into the tissue and he is always spot on with finding the tightness in the muscles.
I can guarantee that if you are having back pain, this is the man.......... don’t hesitate!
Mrs D Davis
“I was really struggling before I went to see Chris at Clifton Massage. I had got into a rut with neck and back pain following a minor neck injury, working long hours and feeling stressed.
I value the way Chris has treated me and now the pain is better and I am definitely back on track. I continue with sessions to help me cope with the pressure I am under in a more relaxed and positive way“
Gaye Senior-Smith
"When I went to see Chris I was in considerable pain, a jabbing muscular ache in my neck and shoulders. I could barely sit for more than 10 minutes without it hurting, the pain had even started to spread to my head.
Chris worked miracles, was extremely generous with his time, and gave excellent follow-up advice. He was far more professional and far more skilled than previous sports massage therapists I’ve used. I can’t recommend him highly enough"
Julia Fea
"I have suffered with chronic neck and back pain for many years and recently went to see Chris for a deep tissue massage.
It is hands down the most effective pain relief technique I've ever tried and without doubt also the quickest. He is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to anyone with similar problems"
Mrs T. Collins
"Having been in a car crash last year and after going to see numerous "professionals", I was very glad to have found Chris. I was suffering from severe and chronic back pain, trouble sleeping and limited range of movement in my right arm.
After my first consultation with Chris it was refreshing to hear someone tell you what you could honestly expect from the sessions and not to overpromise a miracle in 2-3 sessions.
After 3-5 sessions I have loosened up dramatically and am beginning to gain greater mobility in my right arm.
Chris follows up his sessions with explanations with what he has done and the muscles that he has worked on, so you are kept in the loop.
Each session is backed up with exercises for you to do throughout the week so by the time you return for your next appointment you notice a significant change in your disposition.
After being to everyone out there over the years for numerous injuries from sports to accidents, I cannot stress the importance of finding someone who is reliable, informative and experienced. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough and would gladly recommend him to friends and family alike"
Josh Phipps

 "Chris's deep tissue massage is the best I've ever had - it sure 'hits the spot' and is very powerful, but he is sensitive as to how much you can take.

He knows exactly what you need and explains what his treatment will be and why. He answers any questions you may have from his wealth of knowledge and experience and gives you helpful exercises to do at home. I thoroughly recommend him"
Teresa Goodall

I suffred from a car accident last year, the impact caused whiplash to my neck. I was referred to a physiotherapist who treated my symptoms over the next 3 months. However, about a year on, I was still in pain, I had to give up exercising and was having difficulty sleeping.
A friend suggested having a massage to work on the tension but I was worried that it would be made worse.
I contacted Chris at Clifton Massage. After the initial consultation, Chris was able to identify the areas on my back and neck which were causing pain and restricting my movement.
I slept well that evening for the first time in months!  A few weeks on and the difference is measurable – I didn't realise how miserable I had felt. I'm now not worried about causing damage when exercising and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off me.

I don’t need to go back as often, but have decided to go back regularly to ensure that I never get as bad as I was before. I would recommend a visit to Chris to anyone, and regret not doing something sooner!"
Rachel Ball

Professional, kind, non-judgmental and very knowledgeable. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. I have been nursing for 20 years and triathlon is my main sporting interest. Chris has successfully treated my various sports injuries and lower back problems over the last few years. He always takes the time to listen to you, assess and treat you in a manner that fully puts you at ease. Chris has excellent A&P knowledge and is therefore able to explain each step of his treatment and will provide very specific stretches for you to do at home. I have every confidence in Chris. Thanks again Chris for working miracles.
Andrew Gillis

Chris is fantastic. I've had many treatments over the years and he's by far the best and most knowledgeable. Great treatments and advice. Highly recommended
Dawn Stygall

 Highly recommended!!! Chris is a great professional! I have been suffering from back pain for many years and since I start having treatment from him, the pain is completely gone. More than worthy it!!
Maria Vinas

 The best! Professional, knowledgeable and charming. He's put me back together working wonders on muscle issues I've had for years. I can't recommend highly enough!
Jake Senior

Chris is a complete professional. He is very knowledgeable and applies this knowledge by giving a bespoke service suitable for your individual needs. I started receiving treatment when training for my first marathon. I would not have made it to the start line, let alone the finish without his healing hands. A complete treat for mind, body and soul.
Rachael Kiely