Chris Wood


Chris Wood


Qualifications & Affiliations

Sports Massage Therapy(Dip)
Personal Training (Dip)
BAWLA (Junior instructor)
Gym Instruction (Cert)
Personal Training (Cert)
Medical Acupuncture (Cert)
Member of the SMA
Sports Massage Association

Registered with CNHC

Complimentary & Healthcare Council
First aid Cert
Fully Insured


I have been involved in Sport and Recreation for over 25 years in various capacities.

Starting as a junior weightlifter at the age of 14; my later career saw me continuing in the sports sector, starting out as a gym instructor in both public and private gyms. I went on to manage several of Bristol’s Sports Centres and Swimming pools as an Area Manager.

A career change, later in life, meant a move to London where I found myself office bound in a senior management position specialising in IT within the Banking sector.

I moved back to Bristol in 2007 and retrained as a Sports Massage therapist. 

Having been in position of being a sportsman as well as a senior manager, in very different working environments, I very much understand that the body not only has to deal with the punishment and stress from physical activity, but also that of daily life.