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Having Completed Ironman three times, several marathons and numerous ultra marathons, I have seen and experienced too many average deep tissue massages - and then I found Chris. His knowledge, experience and execution is second to none. The difference that an hour with Chris can make to my posture, DOMS, muscle range and movement is remarkable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Dave Kelly Ultra Runner June 7, 2017

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Professional, kind, non-judgmental and very knowledgeable.

I can not recommend Chris highly enough. I have been nursing for 20 years and triathlon is my main sporting interest. Chris has successfully treated my various sports injuries and lower back problems over the last few years. He always takes the time to listen to you, assess and treat you in a manner that fully puts you at ease. Chris has excellent A&P knowledge and is therefore able to explain each step of his treatment and will provide very specific stretches for you to do at home. I have every confidence in Chris.

Thanks again Chris for working miracles.

Andrew Gillis June 7, 2017

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I've been to Clifton Massage for several treatments and I must say that I have received the best remedial massage that I have ever experienced.

I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis and back pain is a common symptom of this. I've tried many osteopaths and chiropractors over the years, but nothing comes close to the results that Chris Wood at Clifton Massage achieves.

His understanding of the muscular system is truly amazing. I particularly like the way that he explains which muscles he's working on and why. My experience of this treatment has not only been outstanding but the results have been long lasting. Highly recommended.

Tim Harcombe June 7, 2017

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This guy's a miracle worker. My back's now straight, I no longer have a bad back in bed, I'm more mobile than I've ever been and my fitness levels have increased. How he explains things is clear and presice, he's a true professional and I could not recommend him enough.

Adam Denton June 7, 2017

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If you are looking for a highly skilled, knowledgeable, professional, look no further than Chris Wood at Clifton Massage.From my first session I quickly became aware of Chris’s high level of skill, which is exemplary, e.g. knowledge of anatomy and the impact of the muscle structures on the body’s mobility and functioning.

When Chris works with me he explains the specific treatment process and always ensures I am in control. From the outset I have felt relaxed and have total trust in the treatment I am receiving.I have experienced treatments from a range of practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, masseurs, however I never have experienced such excellent treatment which is resulting in ongoing positive outcomes.

Lesley Jones June 8, 2017

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He knows exactly what you need and explains what his treatment will be and why. He answers any questions you may have from his wealth of knowledge and experience and gives you helpful exercises to do at home. I thoroughly recommend him.

Teresa Goodall June 8, 2017

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I've been a domiciliary foot-care practitioner for some 6 years. My work involves a lot of bending forwards putting strain on the upper back and arms. I have consequently suffered from severe pain and discomfort for almost 4 years now. There are lots of people out there offering "cures". You name it and I've tried it. But none of them really work.

I knew immediately I met Chris that he really understands the human body; he treats the body as a whole and not just the part that hurts. The treatment together with his advice has really helped. For example the pain in my hands and wrists has been completely alleviated. We're still working on the other problems but each session seems to build steadily on what has already been achieved and I'm able to continue working when at one time I thought I would have to give up.

Sian Callen June 8, 2017

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I have been seeing Chris for some time now. I sought out his help as I have a back injury caused by osteoporosis and a resultant collapsed spine. My back was becoming increasingly problematic with repeated muscle dysfunction which was stopping me from doing my work as a builder. Since seeing Chris the situation has improved and I feel more mobility in my back and more strength.

Chris is very knowledgeable and an excellent hands on massage therapist. I had had previous massage but only Chris seemed to be able to get to the deeper muscle tissue and get this flexible again. I would certainly recommend Chris for injury massage.

He gives you a complete picture of what is going on without blinding you with knowledge, you get exercises to help your situation and he is very attentive to what you say. In addition I found him to be a really nice, positive bloke.

Mark Hewitson June 8, 2017