Dry Needling

Dry needling, also known clinical acupuncture, is one of the procedures I sometime use to assist with soft tissue repair. It is a modern science, targeting trigger points, rather than meridians, as does traditional Chinese acupuncture, however around 80 percent of the dry needling points correspond to those found in traditional acupuncture.

Dry needling stimulates the nerves in skin and muscle, and can produce a variety of effects. We know that it increases the body’s release of natural painkillers – endorphins, calcitonin and serotonin, as well causing the blood vessels to dilate so blood flow increases.

The treatment involves fine acupuncture needles being inserted through the skin and briefly left in position. Sometimes manual or low voltage electrical stimulation is applied to assist the process. The number of needles varies; may be only two or three. I will assess each patient’s case and treatment will be tailored to you.

If you would like Dry Needling to be part of your treatment plan please book an hour and a half session. Since this is an invasive form of treatment, you will asked to complete a separate health questionnaire.

Download the questionnaire